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Michael Buerk

One of the BBC’s most respected and renowned journalists has unleashed a torrent of criticism at the publicly supported broadcaster. Writing in The Mail on Sunday, former anchor and foreign correspondent Michael Buerk said that while he watched its coverage of the Queen’s Jubilee, “I was so ashamed of the BBC I would have wept if I hadn’t been so angry.” Instead of providing insight into a pageant “rich in historical continuities,” the BBC offered instead “a succession of daytime airheads” who were “cringingly inept,” he wrote. In an obvious reference to George Entwistle, then head of BBC Vision, which oversaw the Jubilee coverage, Buerk observed that the “BBC actually congratulated itself, and the executive ultimately responsible was promptly promoted to become the most disastrous director-general in the corporation’s history.” (Entwistle was forced to resign after only 54 days as director general, receiving a payoff of $700,000 — typical, said Buerk, of a British system that squeezes the middle class while pay soars for senior executives and “fortunes are flung at failures.”