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Justin Bieber

Almost 32 years to the day of John Lennon’s murder in New York, a television station in New Mexico reported on Wednesday that a man serving two life sentences in a Las Cruces, NM prison recruited another inmate to murder Justin Bieber when he was released from prison. The convicted killer, Dana Martin, apparently had a change of heart about the plot and informed authorities, who arrested Mark Staake, who had just been released, and his nephew, Tanner Ruane, who allegedly was to help Staake kill the 18-year-old Canadian singer and his bodyguard. The incident underlines the very real threat posed by celebrity-obsessed individuals (Martin reportedly has a picture of Bieber tattooed on his leg) to people in the public eye. Although many people regard personal bodyguards as status symbols, some celebrities view them as absolute necessities and reportedly pay them salaries of as much as $150,000 a year.