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Cable outlet AMC’s The Walking Dead has been averaging more than 11 million viewers per episode — an audience bigger than what most broadcast shows attract. It has also caught the eye of the Parents Television Council, the Christian watchdog group that has long battled the broadcast networks over sex and violence in their programs. In a letter to the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board on Thursday, the group’s chairman, Tim Winter, said, “Throughout its run, the AMC program The Walking Dead has featured some of the most graphic and brutally intense violence and gore imaginable,” Winter wrote. “In the current season alone the show has depicted hundreds of scenes of grisly murder both of living and ‘undead,’ but human, characters. The intensely violent content has included depictions of the cleaving of human skulls with a machete, extreme gun violence, including graphic depictions of blood and brains splattering after gunshot wounds, and the use of a sharpened human bone as a weapon to stab another character.” However, what particularly infuriated Winter was the formal TV 14 with which AMC tags the show. “Clearly, this is content appropriate to an adult-only audience, but AMC has rated every single episode of The Walking Dead as suitable for a 14 year old child,” he wrote. But Walking Dead producer Glen Mazarra scoffed at the PTC protest. “If little kids don’t watch @WalkingDead_AMC, how will they learn what to do in a zombie apocalypse?” he tweeted.