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December 27, 2012 by · 1 Comment 

A week after giving arts channel Ovation the boot, today’s (Thursday) Time Warner Cable may be about to do the same to IFC, WE-TV, and NuvoTV, the New York Post reported today (Thursday). Those niche channels have been informed that Time Warner Cable is willing to carry them but is not willing to pay them their usual subscriber fees unless they improve their ratings. The Post indicated that the “take it or leave it” approach has come up in renewal negotiations with several other channels. TWC has set up a website devoted principally to the programming cutbacks. Of the decision to drop Ovation, it said that the channel “is among the poorest performing networks, and is viewed by less than 1 percent of our customers on any given day. We’ve paid more than $10 million in carriage fees to Ovation over the past several years. They’ve had ample opportunity to improve the ratings and the content, and have failed to deliver.” In a separate statement on the website, the company says (in bold letters), “We are pushing back against TV networks that demand more money without delivering more value.”