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The BBC has been censured by British media regulator OFCOM for not doing enough to protect a child actor who appeared in two violent scenes of the drama Line of Duty and in other scenes that “included sexually explicit language.” The regulator acted on the complaint of a single viewer, noting that its rules call for “due care” to be taken to protect “the physical and emotional welfare and the dignity of people under 18.” In the case of 13-year-old Gregory Piper, OFCOM observed, the young actor was required to appear in a scene in which he appears to be head-butted by a gangster, who then hands him a pair of bolt cutters and orders him to use it to cut off the finger of a police office whose hand is held in a vise. In a later scene another police officer shouts at him that if he continues working for the mob he’ll end up in prison, where “they knock your teeth out, Ryan; they do that so you give a better blowjob.” OFCOM said that the producers had failed to comply with the broadcasting code and demanded a meeting with BBC executives to discuss its rules regarding child participation in its dramatic programs.