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Nielsen, best known for its TV ratings research, also assigns an “N-Score” to public personalities, which helps advertisers make selections for the stars of their TV ads and for media endorsements. On Monday it noted that disgraced bicycle champ Lance Armstrong’s N-Score had dropped from 137 (during Nielsen’s last survey in November 2012) to 29 (as of January 24, 2013). Nielsen ranks its N-Score results in four categories: Hall of Fame (200+ points), Superstar (100-199 points), MVP (50-99 points), All Star (30-49 points), and Starter (fewer than 30 points). Only 4 percent of the celebrities it monitors fall into the Hall of Fame category and only 5 percent in the Superstar category. Nielsen also produced the results for another scandal-plagued athlete, Manti Te’o. Reflecting the lack of overall awareness of Te’o, his N-Score was just 19 before his admission that he had lied about his girlfriend (on January 10, 2013) and only 8 afterwards.