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Following protests by a host of Bollywood filmmakers, an Indian court is expected to lift a ban on Kamal Hassan’s Vishwaroopam, The state government of Tamil Nadu had imposed the ban after threats of violence by some Muslim groups who found the film offensive. The Times of India today (Thursday) quoted Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa as saying that Hassan “could thrash out the differences with the protesting Muslim groups and the government would clear the decks for the film’s release. We don’t want to harm Kamal or infringe on his freedom of expression.” Hassan has already initiated such talks, the Times indicated, and an edited version of the film could be in theaters even before the next scheduled hearing of the case next Wednesday. At a news conference today Hassan maintained that there were no scenes in the film “that will hurt the emotions of the Muslim community.”

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    I used to respect Jayalalitha Madam a lot n lot, because she is the best Chief Minister Tamil Nadu has ever had. She goes to any level of risks for the well being of Tamil Nadu.
    But when i heard that CM has banned the movie even after court’s verdict, I was surprised and angry. These questions were running in my mind; How could CM be so irresponsible, why was she so heartless, why was she not bothered about the great actor Kamal Hasan and other supporters???
    Yes, I got the answers to all the questions in her speech yesterday. She has explained each and every statement so clearly…It was really amazing….
    I would like to apologize Madam Jayalalitha for being angry on her…Now i came to know the truth as to why she did. ….Whatever she did is again for the well being of People of Tamil Nadu. Her intention was to maintain law n order in place in order to create harmony in the state before any violence could occur….Sorry again for not understanding you CM….Kamal Hasan would get justice provided need to have patience for the harmony of people… and I am from Karnataka and not from Tamil Nadu….