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CBS Corp. has once again blocked its tech-news website CNET from reviewing the product of a company that the parent company is suing. In an article reporting that Barry Diller’s Aereo service has now developed an app that allows users of the Roku settop box to stream local TV channels in areas where Aereo is available, the CNET reporter inserted this disclosure statement: “CBS, the parent corporation of CNET, is currently in active litigation with Aereo as to the legality of its service. As a result of that conflict of interest, CNET cannot review that service going forward.” CNET had previously disclosed that it had been blocked from bestowing a “best of show” award to DISH network’s Hopper device because CBS was suing DISH over it. In a note to the media news site, CNET writer Declan McCullah noted that other media conglomerates are also suing Aereo but are not preventing their reporters from covering the service. For example, he noted, the Wall Street Journal,, and the Chicago Tribune each favorably reviewed Aereo, without repercussions from their parent companies, which have all filed lawsuits against Aereo. Romanesko quoted an unnamed CNET employee as saying, “There’s a lot of chatter about how [CBS Interactive] management isn’t standing up for us. Morale is plummeting. People are pissed off.”