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January 8, 2013 by · 2 Comments 

CBS and Neil Patrick Harris have come under attack from the executive editor of the popular conservative news site WND (formerly World Net Daily) for “mocking Christianity” and “pushing the gay agenda” in a Super Bowl ad currently airing on the network. The ad shows Harris wearing black paint under his eyes, similar to the kind worn by many football players, with “Feb 3” written in white ink under one eye and “2013” under the other — the date for Super Bowl XLVII. The ad appears to be a spoof of New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow’s practice of writing the numbers of bible verses on his eye paint. In his WND editorial, Joe Kovacs wrote that CBS “is now using an outspoken homosexual actor to mimic Tim Tebow’s style of trumpeting messages.” Kovacs quoted one unnamed “football fan who watched the CBS promo” as saying, “They’re pushing a gay agenda by using him, and they’re mocking Christians at the same time.” Neither CBS nor Harris has responded.