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Analyzing the complaints posted at, where people review the businesses where they are employed, the website 24/ has determined that the worst company in America to work for is DISH network. The website considered only companies that had a minimum of 300 employee reviews on GlassDoor, thereby narrowing the total number of companies surveyed to 202 from nearly 200,000 companies that are reviewed on GlassDoor. DISH received 346 reviews, many of which complained about the company’s long hours and no holidays. One person remarked, “You work all day all night. Your day starts from 6:45am till 6pm or 10pm You work every holiday that your day falls on.” Several others also cited “mandatory overtime.” Another commented, “You cannot move up in the company unless you brown nose.” Bloomberg BusinessWeek noted that most of the ire from disgruntled employees was directed at the company’s founder and former CEO, Charlie Ergen, whose personal fortune of about $11 billion makes him one of the wealthiest Americans. The magazine then commented, “He’s also a living rebuke to a library of management textbooks that suggest fostering happy, self-actualized employees in a transparent environment of trust and communal effort is the path to wealth.” But DISH’s current CEO, Joe Clayton, dismissed the label, telling the Denver Post, “To say this is the worst place to work in America –- I’ve worked in a lot worse places. This isn’t one of them … To [brand] us with that total statement is ridiculous.”