Tuesday, October 19, 2021


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Talk-show host Glenn Beck announced on Tuesday that he plans to relaunch his Internet and cable-TV network, now called The Blaze, as a global libertarian news network that will include a half-hour nightly news program titled For the Record. Beck said that the program will include reports from three overseas news bureaus, but he did not identify where they will be located, except to say they will be in countries that are “important to America.” Beck maintained that the program will offer an alternative to current liberal and conservative cable networks. “I consider myself a libertarian… I’m a lot closer to Penn Jillette than I am to Chuck Hagel,” he said, referring to the magician/comedian and the former Republican Nebraska senator nominated by President Obama to become secretary of defense. Beck also remarked cryptically that he is moving his New York staff to a new building in New York that will “send a very clear message to everyone in New York… it will piss everyone off.”