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January 18, 2013 by · 1 Comment 

Far from boosting ratings for American Idol, the diva feud between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey appears to have accomplished the opposite, as millions of viewers tuned out in disgust, many of them registering their complaints online. (Ratings for both Wednesday’s and Thursday’s editions were down nearly 20 percent from last year, which were down a similar amount. Nevertheless, the 17.9 million viewers who tuned in on Wednesday and the 16.18 million who tuned in on Thursday kept Fox way ahead of every other program.) While at one point, fellow judge Keith Urban remarked, “We put the ‘fun’ in dysfunction,” some viewers clearly were not enjoying the goings-on. On, one commented that the show no longer has “anything to do with normal people winning a chance to live their dream and everything to do with these so called professionals acting like damn children.” Most of the viewer vitriol was directed at Minaj. “Trying to attract a younger audience with Nicki has alienated everyone else,” commented another RadarOnline user. On the Today show’s Clicker page on Facebook, these remarks: “I am NOT going to watch! Can’t stand Nikki Minaj.” “I won’t be watching either. I can’t stand Minaj.” “Nicki ruins the show. … It should be focusing on the contestants not her. The other judges are fine.” On “I don’t like Minaj; take her off and I’ll watch again.” Another: “I turned it off during the first half hour.” Another: “I changed also because of Nicki. She thinks it is all about her.” Another: “I will never watch Idol again until she is gone.” Another: “Hope someone will tell me when she’s gone, cause I won’t watch again until she is.” On, yet another viewer complained, “I find myself not even caring about the show this year because of [Minaj].” But on Twitter, not everyone was turned off by the feuding pair. “American Idol’s gone all ‘mean girls’ and I kinda love it. Finally a reason to watch,” tweeted one.