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As was widely predicted, the motion picture industry did indeed set a modern record for both total receipts and attendance in 2012, according to media measurement service Rentrak. In a report on Saturday, Rentrak said that the domestic box office was up $5.88 percent to $10.8 billion from $10.2 billion in 2011. Overseas ticket sales were up 3 percent to $23.1 billion versus $22.4 billion in 2011. Attendance was up 2.5 percent. “America’s favorite pastime is still heading to the movies to watch the thrilling content that was available throughout 2012,” Ron Giambra, President of Theatrical Worldwide at Rentrak, said in a statement. That assessment could also be applied overseas. Of the top twelve films, only one, Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games, boasted a bigger gross at home than it did abroad ($408 million versus $279 million). Fox’s Ice Age: Continental Drift earned nearly five times more overseas than it did domestically ($718 million versus $161 million). Three films exceeded $1 billion worldwide: Marvel’s The Avengers with $1.51 billion; The Darek Knight Rises with $1.08 billion and Skyfall with $1.02 billion. Sony was the leading studio with a 16.50 percent market share, followed by Warner Bros. with 15.39 percent, Disney with 14.36 percent, Universal with 12.48 percent, Lionsgate with 11.52 percent and 20th Century Fox with 10.44 percent.