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A preview of Katie Couric’s interview with Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o that aired on ABC’s Good Morning America Wednesday showed Te’o telling a confusing story about receiving a phone call on December 6 from a woman claiming to be the girlfriend he thought had died in September. It was two days before this year’s Heisman trophy was to be announced and Te’o continued to tell interviewers about his loss. “You stuck to the script,” Couric remarked, “And you knew that something was amiss, Manti.” Said Te’o: “Katie, put yourself in my situation. I, my whole world told me that she died on September 12. Everybody knew that. This girl, who I committed myself to, died on September 12.” Except that he had never met the girl. Presumably, when the interview finally airs on Couric’s daytime show today (Thursday), Couric will ask how he could have committed himself to someone he had only met online. In an interview with today’s New York Post, sports psychologist Dr. Donna Dannenfeiser commented that she hoped Te’o will come clean if he is to save his career. “If the truth comes out — whatever it may be — the public will deal with it, he will take whatever hits he is going to get and then it will go away,” she said. “If he keeps trying to hide whatever it really was about, his stories won’t make sense and it will keep going on and on.”