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Confronting a barrage of criticism over its decision to pull the plug on the Current TV channel after it was acquired by Al-Jazeera, the Qatar-based cable news service, Time Warner Cable said Thursday that it is “keeping an open mind” about carrying the channel in the future. Executives of the cable company told the New York Times that they had removed the channel because a “change of ownership” clause in its contract had allowed them to do so. Later, in a statement, the company said that as the new channel, to be called Al-Jazeera America, develops, “we will evaluate whether it makes sense, for our customers, to launch the network.” The Times noted that Al-Jazeera English is currently available on Time Warner Cable outlets in Los Angeles and New York through separate agreements with local broadcasters. (Al-Jazeera America will reportedly expand its U.S. coverage and double its American staff.) The newspaper also speculated that TWC “may simply be betting that if it negotiates a new contract with Al-Jazeera, the terms will be more favorable than the ones in the old contract with Current.”