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With its owners, Disney, News Corp, and Comcast, still unsure whether Hulu is cannibalizing their other businesses or whether it represents the wave of the future, top media executives may be loath to consider an offer to replace outgoing CEO Jason Kilar, according to Advertising Age‘s Michael Learmonth. In an article that appeared on Tuesday, Learmonth said that the company’s ultimate choice for CEO will bring to light its strategy for the future. If it appoints an internal executive or one from the owners’ own ranks, it will “signal they want to rule Hulu with an iron hand,” he wrote. If they go with an outsider, “it says they want the company to continue to assert its independence, even if that means continued conflict with content owners.” While the company has dropped to No. 15 on ComScore’s list of top video properties for unique visitors, Learmonth noted, it remains No. 3 in the number of videos viewed and No. 2 (behind YouTube) in minutes per viewer. Upping the competition for viewers’ eyes, AdAge reported that YouTube is preparing to launch a paid video subscription service this year.