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Jeff Zucker is wasting no time overhauling CNN’s programming. On the heels of the cable news network’s announcement on Tuesday that Chris Cuomo will be coming to CNN from ABC to co-host a morning show that will take on the likes of NBC’s Today and ABC’s Good Morning America, came word that political commentators James Carville, Mary Matalin, and Erick Erickson are departing. Executive VP and managing editor Mark Whitaker announced that he is also leaving in order to give Zucker a free hand to “communicate one clear vision to the staff.” In an interview with, Fordham University professor Paul Levinson said of the changes: “What is clearly the case is CNN is going to try to do something that’s as dynamic and as far out there in some ways as any other news station has done. … That’s the only way they can stay competitive.” And at the Atlantic magazine’s website, Alexander Abad-Santos remarked that the new CNN is beginning to look like “a star factory start-up climbing out of survival mode.”