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Analysts are speculating about the effect of Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Lance Armstrong on lifting the public’s awareness of her OWN cable network. In today’s (Wednesday) New York Post, media writer Michael Starr commented that it “could go a long way toward putting her cable network, OWN, on the map after two mediocre, money-losing years.” The interview, which originally had been scheduled to air on Thursday night, has been expanded to add to the following night. While Winfrey said in an interview on CBS This Morning on Tuesday that she hesitated to leave half her interview on the cutting room floor, it is also apparent that she was eager to bring viewers to OWN for two consecutive nights. Nevertheless, Horizon Media analyst Brad Adgate told Starr that OWN operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The interview, he said, “is certainly going to be a positive _ but I wouldn’t necessarily say that OWN’s audience is suddenly going to double overnight.” In the Baltimore Sun, TV writer David Zurawik commented, “I believe media and America have moved on since the days of TV Confession and Redemption.” He forecast that many people won’t watch the entire two hours. “Instead, they will check Twitter before going to bed for a link to a video showing the two minutes that people thought mattered.”