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A racy public-service ad (“Drink Responsibly”) for Casamigos Tequila — a brand owned by George Clooney and New York restaurateur Rande Gerber — was blocked on YouTube on Saturday. A message said that it “contains content from E! Entertainment, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.” The ad shows Clooney in bed with Gerber’s wife, Cindy Crawford, when Gerber opens the door of the bedroom and discovers them. A second scenes shows Gerber in bed with Clooney’s girlfriend, Stacy Keibler when Clooney walks in on them. In a third scene, the two men walk in on Crawford and Keibler in bed together. And in a fourth scene the two girls walk in on the two men. The scenes are followed by the words “Drink Responsibly.” According to the New York Post, as soon as Clooney and Gerber got word that YouTube had shut down the video, they, along with partner Mike Meldman, called executives at Comcast, which owns E!, to protest and the video was restored in around five hours. A spokesman for the actor told the Post‘s “Page Six” blamed the removal on “a software mistake at E!”