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Jeff Zucker

Jeff Zucker officially took over as head of CNN on Monday, and in that capacity, he dispatched his first memo to the cable news network’s staff on Tuesday. It began with a note of congratulations for their work on Monday’s presidential inauguration coverage. “It is clear that the capability of this organization to inform, enlighten and entertain on big stories is limitless,” he said. However, he remarked, that it was necessary for the network to “chart a course for the future that is beyond just politics and breaking news.” The challenge facing the network now, he said, is to “think even more broadly and not always be bound by what has come before us.” Several writers, however, noted that one of Zucker’s first acts as President was to revive something that had come before his arrival on the scene. He brought back the old “This is CNN” network IDs voiced by James Earl Jones that first were heard on the channel more than 20 years ago.