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In a direct slap at CBS, the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) added DISH Network’s Hopper DVR as co-winner of its Best of Show award. The Razer Edge gaming tablet had initially been announced as the winner after CNET, which usually determines the award, was ordered by CBS to exclude the Hopper from competition. The DVR automatically skips commercials on television programs recorded by the user, a feature that broadcasters maintain infringes their copyrights. CES chief Gary Shapiro said in a statement on Thursday that his organization supports DISH in its current battle with content providers and that it was shocked that the network would bar its reporters from favorable describing technology it doesn’t like. “The simple fact [of] making television easier to watch is not against the law. It is simply pro-innovation and pro-consumer,” he said. Furthermore, he added, his organization is severing its ties with CBS and CNET and will search for a new partner to select its CES awards winners. In a separate op-ed column in USA Today, Shapiro concluded, “CBS’ actions during CES unsettle me as someone who treasures innovation and hates seeing a great company tarnished by unfairness in a respected awards program. Sadly, 2013 begins with CBS destroying its reputation for editorial integrity in an attempt to eliminate a new market competitor.”