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Who says vampires have all the fun (and rake in billions while doing so)? Don’t rule out zombies, say the executives of Summit Entertainment, the studio that brought you the Twilight movies and is now owned by Lionsgate. Summit is serving up Warm Bodies this weekend, geared, says Scott Bowles in USA Today, “for teens who perhaps found the Twilight series too profound.” Kyle Smith in the New York Post thrusts a critical stake to the heart of the movie, then concludes: “It’s not that I disapprove of zombie-human dating. I just don’t like having my brain eaten by dead writing.”Manohla Dargis in the New York Times does allow that it is “cute and amusing enough to catch on cable one day,” and notes that Summit apparently “has decided that romances between sort of dead boys and living girls is a niche it can fill.” And Michael Sullivan in the Washington Post gives the film a so-so review, concluding, “Warm Bodies isn’t exactly DOA, but its pulse is weak.”