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It appears that the winter storm bearing down on the East Coast — forecasters say that it could be one of the worst in many years — is being called “Nemo” by everyone except the National Weather Service. According to the New York Times, the name was bestowed on the storm by the Weather Channel, which has taken it upon itself of late to name winter storms with such tags as Athena, Caesar, Freyr, Iago, and Kahn. (The storms are named in alphabetical order in the way that the National Weather Service names tropical storms and hurricanes.) The Times reported that the NWS is not at all amused by the names and has advised official forecasters not to use them. But the guidance has apparently fallen on deaf ears, given the fact that journalists and public officials, including New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, are using them in official notices. But the NWS is digging in. On Thursday, a spokesman for the Weather Service told the Times, “We never have, nor do we have any plans to consider naming winter storms.”