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Without Sunday Night Football and The Voice, NBC’s ratings among the key 18-49 age group are down 44.2 percent from last year, according to financial services giant Barclays. It noted that by contrast, ratings among the same group for CBS are up, Fox’s decline has narrowed, and ABC’s are about flat. On its website, Advertising Age on Monday quoted Billie Gold, head of research for ad giant Carat, as saying, “I can sum up NBC’s performance in the first part of 2013 in one word: dismal.” At The Atlantic magazine’s blog The Wire, Connor Simpson noted that there is little on NBC’s horizon that can lift it out of its troubles. Except for one show. NBC, he said, has been left “with the sad-but-true reality to save the second half of their season: Donald Trump and The Celebrity Apprentice return March 3.”