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Steven Soderbergh’s Side Effects was greeted with cheers when it was screened Tuesday at the Berlin Film Festival, where it is entered in this year’s competition for the festival’s prestigious Golden Bear. Soderbergh, whose films have been entered in four previous “Berlinales,” has said that after Side Effects, he wants to retire from filmmaking to devote time to painting and other pursuits. At a news conference, he said, “Honestly, however long this break ends up being, I wanted this thing [Side Effects] to be fun to make and to watch.” At which point, Rooney Mara, who costars with Jude Law, Channing Tatum and Catherine Zeta-Jones in the movie, interjected, “Did you just call it a ‘break’ and not your ‘retirement?'” Said Soderbergh, “Whatever.” Soderbergh last made the film festival route in 2008 with his four-hour-plus, Spanish-language feature Che, about Cuban revolutionary hero Che Guevarra. He said that following that laborious production, he just wanted “to have more fun” making films — thus, his current “caper” flick, Side Effects.