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Super Bowl weekend is never an ideal time to open a movie. With more than 108 million people staying at home to watch the game on Sunday, box office revenue plunges as many movies are screened to near-empty houses. Last weekend was no exception. Warm Bodies, which targeted teenage girls, opened with $8.14 million on Friday, rose to $9.03 million on Saturday, then collapsed to $3.19 million on Sunday, giving it a total weekend gross of $20.35 million. The Sylvester Stallone thriller, Bullet to the Head, whose principal audience was the same as the Super Bowl’s took in $1.74 million on Friday and an additional $2.01 million on Saturday, then plunged to a dismal $803,612 on Sunday. Even by Super Bowl weekend standards, this Super Bowl weekend looked especially bleak. It was down 27 percent from last year, when Chronicle opened with $22 million and The Woman in Black placed second with $20.87 million.

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