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If you think you’re seeing more trailers — those “previews of coming attractions” — before movies begin rolling in theaters these days, the reason is that you probably are. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Regal and AMC theater chains now often run six or seven trailers before every feature versus three or four a decade ago. The reason is that many theater chains are now charging studios to run trailers whereas they once ran them free, the Times observed. While some trailers continue to run free, Jeffrey Neuman, head of Verites, a company paid by studios to verify that their trailers are being run, told the newspaper, “We’ve reached the tipping point. … If you’re not one of the ones paying for trailers, you’re left struggling for placement.” And former Disney distribution chief Chuck Viane commented that trailers benefit both the theater owners and the studios. “What makes this business run are trailers. … When the right trailers aren’t seen by the public with the right movie, that can hurt the box office.”