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NBC’s Today show has aired portions of an interview, conducted in prison with convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky by former libertarian talk-show host John Ziegler. It is rare, if not unprecedented, for an NBC News program to broadcast an interview conducted by someone outside of its own news operation, and the fact that Ziegler has been an outspoken critic of media coverage of the trial of the former Penn State assistant football coach and the subsequent resignation of head coach Joe Paterno had raised questions about whether producers of the program were desperately attempting to boost ratings following the show’s slide to No. 2 behind ABC’s Good Morning America. The network was particularly criticized for making it appear in its promos that the interview with Sandusky had been obtained by one of its own reporters. As it turned out, only seconds of the interview — all of it conducted by telephone — were broadcast on the program. The remainder of the segment featured host Matt Lauer grilling Ziegler mostly about his motives for conducting the interview with Sandusky.