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The number of 3D films released by the major studios has been decreasing since the visual enhancement shook up the industry following the release of Avatar in 2009. But Oscar-winning director Ang Lee said on Thursday that he would like to see the current trend reversed and 3D employed not only in film spectacles but also in conventional dramas. “I think 3D should be used in drama because it gives volume,” he told the 3D Creative Summit in London via a videolink. “It gives you so much realism. I think that’s the advantage.” Despite the fact that Lee received much praise for his use of 3D technology in Life of Pi, he insisted, “I’m a novice of the new cinematic language of 3D. … There is so much I don’t know.” He said that he would like to employ 3D in “a normal-budget movie,” adding that he would like to become “one of the trailblazers” of the new medium. Currently, he maintained, there are no experts when it comes to 3D. “Don’t trust anybody, including myself,” he said. “If anybody tells you what you need they are bulls****ing you.”