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A lot of critics give movies that they hate a single star. Kyle Smith in the New York Post goes one step beyond and awards just half a star to 21 and Over from the filmmakers who brought you the Hangover movies, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. The two, he says, “keep coming up with wacky notions and leaving them dangling in the breeze. … Wouldn’t it be funny, they ask, if a drunk guy with a teddy bear glued to his man-parts and a bra around his chest dashed around climbing on cars? Could be. But that’s just a setup. Then what? Where’s the payoff? The writers don’t know. They think they’re done. They move on.” Linda Bernard in the Toronto Star, at least, gives the movie a full star, and concludes that it “goes looking to mine gross-out comedy diamonds but ends up pawing around in a mirthless sewer.” Claudia Puig in USA Today remarks, “21 and Over is pretty much for people with an IQ of 21 and under.” But Peter Hartlaub in the San Francisco Chronicle, while noting that the movie comes from the writers of The Hangover, concludes that it was “most likely conceived when they were younger and dumber but also more fearless. Combine that with a nothing-to-lose small budget filled mostly with little-known actors, and the result is uncompromising comedy.”