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The Walt Disney Co., which pioneered theatrical “nature” documentaries between 1948 and 1960 with its True Life Adventure series, is teaming with IMAX to produce a “cinematic space spectacle” that will “explore mankind’s future on — and off — the planet .. while also traveling light-years to other star systems to ponder the possibilities of ‘Goldilocks,’ an Earth-like planet.” A statement rleased by IMAX and Disney said it would be the first film that they have jointly produced and distributed (although IMAX has released big-screen versions of numerous Disney features). It will be produced and directed by Toni Myers, who has been making IMAX films virtually since the big-screen format was introduced in 1965, including The Dream Is Alive, Destiny in Space, Blue Planet, Mission to Mir, Space Station 3D, and Hubble. The announcement of the IMAX-Disney coproduction did not indicate whether the film will be shown in commercial locations or whether it will be limited to IMAX’s museum and educational venues. It is currently untitled.