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The BBC, plagued in recent months by a sex scandal, charges of a cover-up, and complaints that it has been rewarding executives with outsized pay packages, is facing a new chorus of squawks after viewers took to Facebook and Twitter when its on-air translator struggled with the remarks of Argentinean Cardinal Bergoglio, following his election as the new pope. Many complained that the translator could not even correctly translate the cleric’s recitation of the Lord’s Prayer (or Our Father) and the Hail Mary. “Is that the new words to the Our Father the BBC News translator is saying?” tweeted one person. Another asked, “Seriously how hard is it for the BBC to get a translator who can speak both languages fluently and is also a Catholic & knows his prayers?” But another wrote that the complainers “should be grateful that one major channel — and it’s always the BBC, isn’t it? — decided to cover this occasion despite the fact that Britain only has a Catholic minority.”