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A plan by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to lure the Tonight show to New York with a proposed tax incentive built into the state budget is encountering opposition from some state lawmakers and commentators. “It’s outrageous in this fragile economy to spend millions of tax dollars on a late-night talk show when thousands of people with developmental disabilities may lose the services they need,” GOP Assemblyman Jim Tedisco told the New York Post. New York talk-show host Frank Morano commented, “This is absurd! … I have to give my tax money to get the Tonight show back in NYC??” On Fox’s The Five, host Eric Bolling asked, “Does NBC, [Jimmy] Fallon and that crew of rich fat cats really need our tax money?” The issue is complicated by the fact that it’s uncertain whether any new jobs will be created or any new tourists will be lured to New York if Jimmy Fallon takes over the Tonight show. He already hosts a late-night show in New York, and his current staff is expected to follow him if he moves into the earlier hour. His studio audience is also expected to remain loyal. Meanwhile, no California lawmaker has proposed a matching tax credit to keep the show in the state.