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It was a great day for The Count. Sesame Street announced on Wednesday that it had passed the 1-billion-views mark on its YouTube channel. And The Count celebrated with a three-minute ditty titled”I’m Counting the News on YouTube.” Sesame Workshop, which produces both the longrunning PBS children’s show as well as the YouTube channel, said that it had “become the first nonprofit organization and the first U.S. children’s company to reach one billion channel views on YouTube.” That, commented Washington Post TV writer Lisa de Moraes, put the Sesame Street Muppets “into Justin Bieber territory.” Meanwhile, the separate (but DNA linked) Jim Henson Company announced today (Thursday) that its Sid the Science Kid: The Movie, which it co-produced with Chinese film-studio partners, will have its broadcast premiere on PBS Kids on March 25. Like the Jim Henson-created Sesame Street, Sid the Science Kid is aimed at preschoolers. It employs what the company calls “proprietary technology that allows performers to puppeteer and voice digital characters in real-time, creating an unprecedented level of spontaneity, quality and interactivity.”