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This will be the weekend of the big demo-focused movie. First, there’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation, aimed principally at the young-male demo. Then there’s The Host, which targets the young-female demo. And finally there’s Tyler Perry’s Temptation, aimed at the urban, church-going crowd. All three are getting lousy reviews. (Temptation wasn’t screened for critics, since producer Tyler Perry knows that critics shun his movies. G.I. Joe got a head start at the Easter holiday box office, and, judging by Wednesday and Thursday preliminary results, it appears that the movie will wind up with $45 million over the four-day period. The Host and Temptation are likely to wind up with around $10-15 million each. Of course, there’s yet another big, demo-focused movie that will challenge the new arrivals. DreamWorks Animation’s The Croods will lure the family crowd to the multiplex this weekend and ought to place second with around $25-30 million, according to analysts’ forecasts.