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Sony Chairman Howard Stringer, who stepped down as CEO last year, said on Friday that he will leave the company in June. However, he indicated that he has no plans to ride off into the sunset. He told the Japan Society in New York that he wants to “move forward with new opportunities I’ve been presented with lately.” He gave no clue about what those new opportunities entail. His scorecard at Sony since he took over in 2005 has been mixed: he lifted its struggling entertainment division but had little success restoring its electronics division to its onetime dominance. Stringer appeared to acknowledge his mixed record in his parting announcement. “For all the ups and downs, challenges and rewards during this time, I remain grateful for my association with such a great and legendary company,” he said, adding, “I can’t say I’ll miss the 14-hour flights [between New York and Tokyo] 16 or so times a year.”