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While several scenes in previous Spider-Man movies have been filmed in New York, most of the production has taken place in Hollywood, but the Wall Street Journal observed today (Wednesday) that the Amazing Spider-Man 2, which is currently in production, will be filmed entirely in New York state. The newspaper quoted the film’s producers as saying that they were drawn away from Hollywood largely because of the large tax incentives offered by the state — which could amount to 30 percent of a film’s production costs. Oddly, while some of the scenes will actually be shot on location in New York, the producers are building replicas of such sites as Times Square, Columbia University, and a subway station at studios in Brooklyn and Long Island. The production comes at a time when Governor Andrew Cuomo is urging the New York legislature to pass a five-year extension of the tax credit, which is due to expire in 2014. In a statement issued today, Cuomo said that the Spider-Man movie “will be the largest movie production to be filmed in New York and is expected to result in 3,500 jobs and the casting of 11,000 extras.” He added: “New York has the resources, talent and locations to help make The Amazing Spider-Man 2 a blockbuster hit.”