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April 12, 2013 by · 2 Comments 

The actress Huong (aka Junie) Hoang who sued the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) for disclosing her true age — and found support for her claim from the actors’ union SAG-AFTRA — has lost her case. Hoang had admittedly lied about her age when she submitted biographical information about herself to the website, saying that she was born in 1978 when in fact she was born in 1971. “In the entertainment industry, youth is king,” she said in her original court filing in her effort to show that the IMDb disclosure exposed her to age discrimination. She also maintained that the website used her credit card information “to scour public records databases and other sources” discover her true age. However, the court said at a pretrial hearing last week that it would not consider the issue of ageism, nor would it hear from witnesses who would also testify that IMDb had refused to take down their birthdate details upon request. Her case therefore hung on the claim that IMDb had breached its contract with her when it used her credit card information to reveal her age and publish that information against her consent. IMDb maintained that it was motivated by a “search for truth” and pointed out that it was doubtful Hoang had been harmed given the fact that, as her tax returns indicated, during the previous year her total earnings from acting amounted to less than $2,000.