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Aereo, which has thus far successfully fought off legal challenges to its system by broadcasters, will apparently have to dispatch its lawyers to new courtroom venues when it launches in Boston next month. CBS, which owns WBZ-TV in Boston, has vowed to file a lawsuit in an effort to block the launch, scheduled for May 15. “Stealing our signal will be found to be illegal in Boston, just as it will be everywhere else,” CBS said in a statement. Other station owners in Boston, including Fox TV, Hearst Television, and Sunbeam Television are expected to follow suit. Aereo uses a system of tiny antennas, each one assigned to an individual subscriber, to capture over-the-air signals and relay them to the subscriber’s mobile devices via the Internet. Some analysts have suggested that broadcasters are spinning their wheels trying to take down Aereo, which reportedly has attracted only about 3,000 customers in New York and which the analysts say will likely collapse on its own before the various lawsuits ever come to trial.