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The head of Sinclair Broadcast Group, which with its recent acquisition of the Fisher Communications TV stations now owns 29 Fox affiliates, has pooh-poohed the notion that Barry Diller’s Aereo service poses a threat to broadcasters. As reported by Broadcasting & Cable magazine, Sinclair President and CEO David Smith told investors on Thursday that there’s “absolutely nothing” proprietary about Aereo’s small-antenna technology and that if it took off, “my guess is the entire broadcast industry would wake up tomorrow and say, we’re going to do that too.” He added, “Frankly I have no concern about Aereo whatsoever.” Smith seemed to suggest that he could not understand the reasoning behind News Corp President Chase Carey’s threat to move all Fox programming onto cable if the courts rule in favor of Aereo. He noted that Fox would have to “go to cable through us,” i.e. the affiliates. However, he observed, “We’re already on cable,” he noted.