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The state broadcasting companies in two Asian countries have apologized after news producers aired erroneous photos and footage to accompany their reports about the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at age 87. In Thailand, Channel 5, operated by the Thai military, expressed regrets after displaying photographs of Meryl Streep from the Thatcher biopic The Iron Lady, in its report. It later issued a statement saying, “We will improve and develop our work more carefully and are deeply sorry.” In Taiwan, the news channel CTI Cable accompanied its report with footage of Queen Elizabeth. (“Queen Thatcher Is Dead,” the London Sun mocked as it displayed photos of the newscast.) The channel later apologized and said that it was reviewing its editorial procedures and would “punish the dereliction of duty by personnel in accordance with regulations.” Such gaffes were not limited to foreign newscasts. On Tuesday, NBC’s Today show, reporting on the ouster of JCPenny CEO Ron Johnson, showed a picture of Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson instead.