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Opening in 52 overseas markets one week before its U.S. debut, the Tom Cruise/Morgan Freeman sci-fi film Oblivion brought in a startling $61 million over the weekend. Particularly impressive was the fact that the film earned $3.5 million from 140 IMAX screens — or an average of more than $25,000 per theater. What it will do in the U.S. is still anyone’s guess. “Complicated” is an adjective that recurs in some foreign reviews. London’s Independent newspaper commented that “it does come across as a brain-teasing indie oddity that’s been super-sized by Cruise’s involvement.” And the Hollywood Reporter‘s Todd McCarthy concluded: “After a captivating beginning brimming with mystery and evident ambition, the air gradually seeps out of the balloon that keeps this thinly populated tale aloft, leaving the ultimate impression of a nice try that falls somewhat short of the mark.” But Christopher Tookey in the London Daily Mail dismissed the film as “the first blockbuster turkey of the summer” with “not a vestige of wit, originality or human interest.”