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Barry Diller’s Aereo service, which allows its users to view television broadcasts on personal computers and mobile devices via the Internet, has won another victory over the broadcasters — and a big one at that. On Monday, a federal appeals court upheld a lower-court order that Aereo does not violate U.S. copyright law. And while Diller called the ruling a “victory for consumers,” CBS, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, said that in the end, “we are confident that the rights of content owners will be recognized and that we will prevail.” However, BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield commented that the networks stand little chance of success at trial. “Broadcasters need to accept Aereo’s legality and figure out how to deal with the implications to their business,” he wrote, noting that Aereo will have a positive effect on their ratings but a negative one on their cable retransmission fees.