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The HBO series Game of Thrones has become one of the most pirated TV shows ever, with one episode downloaded more than four million times, Britain’s Independent on Sunday reported, noting that by the time it hits British screens today (Monday), “there is a good chance that the keenest fans will have already seen the first episode.” Referring to the fact that HBO spent $60 million filming the series in Northern Ireland and Malta, the British anti-piracy group Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) observed that the extensive illegal downloading harms the communities where the series was filmed. But Laurence Kaye, who heads the U.K. Pirate Party, said that tight licensing restrictions are principally responsible for the piracy. “It is ludicrous that fans actually have to form a group called ‘Take My Money, HBO!’ because the only way they can see Game of Thrones is by pirating,” he said. In Britain, fans of the series will have to buy a movie package from BSkyB costing more than $50 per month in order to watch it legally.