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Eighty-year-old Kim Novak, who famously left Hollywood at the peak of her career more than 50 years ago rather than bow to studio demands that she star in third-rate films that merely exploited her blonde-bombshell beauty, has agreed to attend the Cannes Film Festival this year for a screening of a restored print of her 1958 movie Vertigo, the festival announced today (Monday). She has also agreed to take part in the closing ceremony, where she will award one of the prizes, on Sunday, May 26. Although Vertigo, which hinges on Novak’s character-within-a-character performance, recently replaced Citizen Kane at the top of Sight & Sound’s list of the all-time greatest films, it was not well-received by many critics when it was released in 1958. Some were highly critical of Novak’s performance. In an interview with London’s Daily Telegraph last year, Novak admitted that the reviews hurt. “If I could go back now I would probably not read the reviews,” she said, “But it’s hard not to because you want to improve. You feel like, well, they must know. Unfortunately, they don’t always know. History has proven they’re not right necessarily.”