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Ryan Lochte is being drowned by ridicule from critics following Sunday’s debut of his What Would Ryan Lochte Do? on E! Entertainment Channel. Last week his vapid answers to questions from Good Day Philadelphia anchors Mike Jerrick and Shenielle Jones had the two splitting their sides with laughter once the interview ended. “How are they going to put together 13 weeks of programming?” Jerrick asked after the segment, which quickly went viral on YouTube. Critics indicated that the actual show made Lochte look much worse (except for his muscles, that is). Commented’s Carina Adly MacKenzie, “Basically, he’s just not very smart. And that’s an understatement.” Boston Globe TV critic Matthew Gilbert, did not avoid the understatement. “What’s it like to have stupid be your brand?” he asked. But Allison Keene in the Hollywood Reporter suggests that the time Lochte spends onscreen shirtless or in a Speedo makes up for all his inane remarks. “He’s kind of a dope, but he’s so lovable you can’t really say a mean word against him,” she writes.