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While hentai — cartoons of characters having sex — may be an established industry in Japan, those cartoons can land a person in jail if they’re downloaded in New Zealand., Fairfax Media’s website, reports that Ronald Clark, who downloaded a Japanese cartoon of elves, pixies and other fantasy creatures having sex, was sentenced to three months in an Auckland jail for possessing objectionable material. The report quoted Clark’s lawyer, Roger Bowden, as saying that the conviction represented “the law gone mad.” But an anti-child pornography group, ECPAT Child Alert, applauded the decision, maintaining that such cartoons could encourage people “to migrate from there to the real thing.” Clark himself insisted that he did not find the cartoons sexually arousing and that he downloaded the images for their artistic merit and for “a bit of a laugh.” In the late 1960s a kama-sutra like drawing of all of Disney’s classic characters engaging in sex caught the eye of anti-porn campaigners in the U.S. who demanded that the creators of the drawing be arrested. The culprits were never found, although some Disney animators theorized that the drawing was an inside job, given the fact that they followed all of Disney’s artistic rules for creating the characters.