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Boundary, a film dealing with Thailand’s dispute with Cambodia over the boundary of the two countries adjacent to a 1,000-year-old Buddhist temple, has been banned by Thai film censors as a threat to national security and international relations, director Nontawat Numbenchapol told the Associated Press in Bangkok today (Wednesday). In an interview, Nontawat said that he was stunned by the Culture Ministry’s decision. “I made this movie to create the space for people living near the border to speak their mind,” he told the AP. “Now I have to work harder not only to let people know about the border issue, but also about freedom of expression.” He noted that in the U.S. filmmakers are free to make controversial movies criticizing government policies, but not in Thailand. “In Thailand, the more you censor things, the more you make the country more outdated,” he said. In a separate interview with the Hollywood Reporter, he said that the film, which premiered in February at the Berlin Film Festival, was aimed at allowing the people on both sides “to voice their views and feelings to the outside world — which they haven’t had a chance to express in other Thai media.”