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April 10, 2013 by · 2 Comments 

Financial analysts generally agree that News Corp President Chase Carey’s threat to pull Fox Broadcasting off the air and turn it into a cable channel is likely aimed primarily at the judges who will hear the broadcasters’ lawsuits against the Aereo service and lawmakers who could write legislation to protect the broadcasters against such services. (Aereo “rents” tiny antennas to subscribers that pick up local broadcast signals and sends them to mobile devices via the Internet.) “It sounds like an idle threat,” John Bergmayer, a lawyer for the public interest group Public Knowledge, told today’s (Wednesday) New York Times. Robin Flynn, an analyst at SNL Kagan, suggested that Carey’s remarks may also have been aimed at reassuring Fox affiliates that the parent company will not sit idly by in the face of the challenge from Aereo. However, Carey has also picked up support from virtually every other network chief, who have indicated that they would also consider becoming cable-only outlets if Aereo prevailed. CBS chief Les Moonves told the Times that it may pull its signals off the air in the New York-Connecticut area. However, he added, he does not believe such a drastic measure will become necessary. “Frankly, we don’t think it will get to that point,” he said.