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Attorney General Eric Holder has denied claims by Kim Dotcom, the founder of the now-defunct Megaupload file-sharing site, that the the government acted at the behest of Hollywood studios to shut down the site and extradite him to the U.S. to face copyright-infringement charges. Speaking with Radio New Zealand, Holder said that the case “was brought on the basis of facts, on the basis of law, and it is consistent with the enforcement priorities that this administration has had.” The attempt to extradite Dotcom has been stymied following court decisions in New Zealand that local authorities had not served Dotcom with lawful warrants and had spied on him prior to a raid on his offices. Dotcom has maintained that his site held everything from personal files of users to movies that had long since fallen out of copyright and that he had no obligation to sift through the material to remove illegally uploaded files.